Faleke: Verdict Not In Tune With Constitution; To Appeal Judgment (Full Statement)

“I watched the verdict of the tribunal on TV, one thing I can say is that, the judges have delivered their own judgment, I will consult my lawyers, upon which I am very certain that we will appeal the judgment,” he said.

“I am not a lawyer, but I can say that it (the judgment) is not in tune with our constitution.”

“Well,we will consult our lawyers.I can conveniently say to you here that we are going on appeal.  They gave a verdict that i don’t have jurisdiction. I found that very unbelievable that a court will give a verdict that a candidate who was duly nominated and had won election will be said to lack jurisdiction in the same election. The tribunal seemed to be completely out of context with the grounds of our petition. “We have no problem whatsoever with the supplementary election. Our ground unequivocally had been that the election was completed on the 21st November, 2015, and that we won landslide. That victory was for the people of Kogi state and nobody can take it away

“My people ,we are still on course,victory will be ours at the end.

Hon James Abiodun Faleke

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