Woman Arrested On Wedding Day For Fraud; Jailed 6 Months

Cecilia Siaw, 45, was carried away by British Home Office officers from her wedding ceremony.

She was arrested for immigration fraud and was said to have overstayed her leave to remain in the UK and bought a dodgy identity document.

Cecilia who is a qualified teacher was said to have entered the UK in 2009 legitimately but the Home Office refused to extend her leave to remain in 2013.

Siaw, who was also studying at the University of Portsmouth, paid £5,000 to a man she didn’t know on a train for a ‘leave to remain’ identity document which was registered to an Indian man.

She claimed the man who sold her the document said he worked for the Home Office.

She was however exposed at work when she used the fake document. She worked as a healthcare worker looking after vulnerable people after studying for her master’s degree.

Cecilia who is from Ghana was due to marry her German fiance

She has now been jailed for 6 months.

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