American Wonder! This Lawmaker Was Caught On Video Stealing His Opponent’s Campaign Materials + Photos

A Representative in the US, Curry Todd, was arrested for stealing his opponent’s campaign signs after being caught on camera.

The footage is said to show the Tennessee State Representative pull 3 of his rival’s signs out of the ground and then going back to his parked Mercedes-Benz, where he throws them into the car’s boot.

The 68-year-old conservative Republican who was first elected to Tennessee’s legislature in 1998, acknowledged he was the man in the video but claimed the property owner gave him permission to remove signs belonging to primary opponent Mark Lovell.

Todd said, ”Yes, I did pick up the signs the other day, and I took ’em. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. It was daylight.” Also adding, ‘‘I got permission to put my signs up. And they told me if (Lovell) puts them up, you can take them down or have someone else take them down.

In a strange twist, Todd was bailed out of jail by Lovell, who posted a $100 bond.

Lovell said he decided to post Todd’s bond after someone called him and told him the lawmaker was still in jail.
I thought, we don’t need our state representative in jail,” Lovell said. ”He can get out and the judge can decide what to do about it later.

Lovell doesn’t know if he will see the $100 again.

Lovell further said, ”It’s like lending money to your nephews. You don’t expect to get it back. I figured it was a good deed.


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