Danger! Cholera Kills Six In Lagos 

By Nahimat Davies Adekoga

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, has announced that six people have been reportedly killed by a cholera outbreak in Isolo area of the state.

Idris made this known on Thursday during a press conference where he informed the public on the latest outbreak of cholera in the state.

The Commissioner said that cholera is an acute contagious bacterial disease that is characterised by severe form of sudden onset of profuse painless watery stools, nausea and profuse vomiting.

He explained that cholera is acquired through the ingestion of an infective dose of contaminated food or water and can be transmitted through many mechanisms like direct or indirect contamination of water or food by feaces of infected individuals.

“In developing countries like ours, cholera is either endemic or a recurring problem because conditions leading to epidemics exist including presence of peri-urban slums and lack of basic infrastructure. Outbreak of cholera can also occur on seasonal basis in endemic areas”, Idris explained.

The Commissioner listed the main symptoms of cholera to include profuse watery diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, loss of skin elasticity, dry mucous membranes, low blood pressure, thirst, muscle cramps, restlessness and irritability.

While urging members of the public to report any case of suspected cholera to the nearest health facility, Idris stated that government has designated Mainland General Hospital as the referral facility for severe cholera cases.

Idris noted government has already evolved an inter-ministerial collaboration involving the Ministries of Health, Environment and Information, Lagos State Waste Management Authority and Lagos State Water Corporation, adding that health and environmental status assessment of prone communities is on-going.

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