Labour MP Wants KN Group In UK Banned For Inciting Violence Against British Ahmadis; Read Full Letter Here 

By Jumu’ah Abiodun, Nigeria

A Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh, has called for a hate-group to be banned after a Political Scrapbook story on how it was still encouraging the incitement of violence against British Ahmadis.

Siobhan has written to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd calling for Khatme Nabuwwat (KN) to be banned.

The hate-group encourages violence against Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and has a chapter operating in Britain too.

The group was also affiliated to the Muslim Council of Britain until recently. The MCB has not responded to messages from Political Scrapbook asking if it is still affiliated to KN.

It was revealed that Tanveer Ahmed, the Bradford man convicted of murdering Asad Shah for being an Ahmadi Muslim, is still inciting hatred from behind behind bars in Scotland.

In his message Tanveer mentions the group and repeats its messages.

Khatme Nabuwwat, has been linked with leaflets calling on Muslims to kill Ahmadis.

Piles of the flyers, which say Ahmadis should face death if they refuse to convert to mainstream Islam, were displayed in Stockwell Green Mosque.

The leaflet was said to have been authored by an ex-head of Khatme Nabuwwat, a group which list the Mosque as it’s “overseas office”.

The mosque and its leaflets were also the subject of a recent Radio 4 documentary.

In the last few months, a number of hate-preachers from Pakistan who incite hatred and violence against Ahmadis have been allowed into Britain.

UPDATE: A spokeswoman said Khatme Nabuwwat were still suspended from the MCB until the final report from their own investigation was concluded.

Which an interim report from the investigation did not call for the group to be disaffiliated from the MCB.

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