Ahmadiyya Nigeria Harp On Sincerity Of Leaders

By Jumu’ah Abiodun, Nigeria

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria has urged political leaders in Nigeria to be sincere in promises and better their lots, rather than exploiting people’s religious, ethnic and other primordial sentiments for their selfish interests

This was the highpoint of the communiqué issued at the end of the 100 years celebration of the Islamic organisation at the annual conference held in Ilaro Ogun state, Southwest Nigeria .

The Jama’at stated that religion should be separated from politics for former’s teachings to remain sacrosanct; and that Muslims should give precedence to faith over all worldly considerations as violence, aggression and persecution against people under the guise of striving in the cause of Allah has no place in Islam.

The Islamic conference declared open by its Amir Sahib (National President), Dr Mashhud Adenrele Fashola and attended by the former Nigerian President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Governor of State of Osun, Rauf Aregbesola, Representatives of Ogun and Niger states Governor, prominent traditional rulers within and outside the country, objectives are to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits, to enhance their knowledge due to their being blessed enabled by Allah, the Exalted – their perception (of Allah) may progress, to promote mutual introduction and love among all brothers and sisters and to strengthen the fraternal ties within this community.

The Jalsa Salana (Annual Gathering) was attended by a total of sixty-one thousand, two hundred and twenty-one (61, 221) participants. The Participants are cut across twenty-one (21) states of the federation.

The theme of the Conference is “Redefining Moral Revolution for Sustainable Peace and Development: Post-Hundred Years of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria” had six papers delivered by the erudite Islamic scholars included, Redefining Moral Revolution for Sustainable Peace and Development: Post-Hundred Years of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria; Islamic Vision of Global Peace; Lessons from the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad; Martyrs of Ahmadiyya; Retaining and Retraining New Converts; Evolving New Tabligh Strategies; and Lessons from Field Experiences of Muallimeen.

Other Activities at the Jalsa Salana included giving of Academic Merit Awards to Outstanding Students in various fields of study, from the PhD Level to the West African school certificate levels. There were also Solemnization of Nikkah (wedding) for 50 couples, Tabligh/Tarbiyyah Seminar and Special Prayers and Supplications for Nigeria.

The Jama’at observed that religion has been corrupted and is regarded as one which supports aggression and violence owing to negative conducts of the followers; that Muslims nowadays give more attention to worldly pursuits at the expense of moral and spiritual development; that it is baseless to quarrel over religious differences in that the Creator is not interested in the sect one belongs, rather one’s duties to God and man.

Furthermore, the Islamic organisation noted that preaching leading to conversion of people into Islam has been taken to be the functions of some groups in the community; that the Muslim countries in the world are the most unhappy, most unsettled except a handful of Gulf states because they lack peace and mutual love among them; and that the love of materialism among political leaders is creating tales of woes in Nigeria’s democratic system which is affecting the growth and development of the country.

The Communiqué noted that Ahmadiyya has been contributing immensely to national development through championing the cause of education, health, missionary and community efforts using the platform of Islam; and that Ahmadiyya is being marginalized, discriminated against in various ways, and sometimes violently oppressed, particularly in Pakistan, where they were categorized as a non-Muslim minority in national law owing to self-centeredness of religious leaders;

Against this developments, the Jama’at recommended that if Nigerians can internalize the motto of Ahmadiyya “Love for All, Hatred for None” and apply it in their daily activities and interactions, they would be living a more abundant and rewarding life, devoid of the strife and tension  currently affecting the society.

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