Birthday Tribute To Chief Olawale Akanni Andus (Asiwaju Eluku Of Ikorodu Land)

Sir, wishing you a “Happy Birthday” doesn’t seem right. Welcome to your Best Year is more like it. You’re a man of Valor and of high Integrity with a whirlwind of Kindness, Benevolence, Enthusiasm and Generosity. Your Philanthropic nature is  simply contagious.
For us at 29th Media, today is a chance to say we are proud and feel so fortunate and honored to have you as Our client. Along with your tremendous references and support, you’ve brought, by example, immense help and purpose into the company.
Many, many, many thanks for all you do, sir. You truly live by the motto of giving everything and expecting nothing in return. We don’t think we know a more thoughtful and generous person. For everyone who knows and are close to you, you are their resourceful, caring matriarch and advise nut, devoted to humanity and touching lives.
Happy Birthday, Sir! May you celebrate many, many more birthdays under the radar. We appreciate you, Sir! For the 2years of being our client, we can honestly say eight things and more: (1) You are an amazing client. (2) You are a selfless man. (3) You’re a man with a heart of gold. (4) You’re a caring husband to Alhaja Princess Shetifat Olushola Andus and exceptional father to your kids. (5) You’re a friend to your children and brother to your wife. (6) A man that celebrate with the joyous. (7) A vibrant happy soul and (8) You’ve a readily shoulder for those dear and near.
We pray God in His infinite mercy continue to Bless, Keep and enlarge your coast, sir. Asiwaju yin koni di ero eyin. Longevity we pray thee.
God will grant all your silent prayers Insha Allah!
29th Media (Branding You Into World Consciousness)

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