When Sense Is Not Common By Nelson Ekujumi

There is a usual saying of common sense in Nigeria, which means that right thinking is too cheap and accessible not to be exhibited by anybody notwithstanding status, age, race, creed or religion.

But the manner of reasoning of some persons in this part of the world is atimes confusing or can we say lending credence to former minister of power, Prof. Nebo assertion that over 64 million Nigerians are suffering from mental illness?

Following President Buhari’s medical vacation in London, a lot of persons and interests have come out to express their views on his state of health, while millions of Nigerians are wishing Mr. President quick recovery to good health and so shall it be by God’s grace, some are wishing him dead, which shall not be, because God will put them to shame.

However, the unrepentant school of evil wishers peopled by persons like Ekitigate and Dasukigate accomplice governor of Ekiti state Mr. Ayo Fayose only last week raised an alarm like in his usual garrulous tradition that Mr. President is on life support machine.

Even though, millions of Nigerians just like yours sincerely have adopted the attitude of ignoring this chief executive officer of a state who continuously assaults public sensibilities and denigrates the office he occupies to our collective shame by his utterances and conducts, this response is meant for members of his school of thought and followers who are asking for a video evidence from the Presidency to debunk Ayo Fayose’s tales by moonlight.

If one may ask, are these persons ignorant of the fact that in law, the onus of proof to substantiate the fact of the matter, lies with who alledges? If these persons know what they are doing, they should be directing their question to the stuntsman and Ballotelli of Ekiti state and not to the Presidency.

Come to think of it, only in Nigeria will persons starved of or desirous of watching a movie be looking for an opportunity to watch a film or movie of someone undergoing medical treatment in a foreign land just to satisfy their appetite, when they can easily go to the cinema theatres or purchase a DVD player and buy or rent a CD to do the needful.

The Presidency is too busy and focused on national issues to be disturbed and distracted to respond to a governor who has abdicated his core responsibility of governance to the good people of Ekiti state, but has resorted to spewing out crude, inciting and reckless statements against President Buhari and his government every time.

As for Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the governor of Ekiti state, one can’t wait for his tenure to come to an end next year 2018, so that his immunity cover is removed to enable him face criminal prosecution for his alledged conspiratorial role in Ekitigate and Dasukigate.

For those who want to watch a video, please heed the advise above, because the medical condition of Mr. President is not a Nollywood series.

But who says, sense is common?

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