Lagos Population Is An Incentive, Not A Liability – Speaker Obasa

The Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa has said that the State is determined to turn its fast growing population into incentive for growth rather than allow it become a burden on its developmental initiative.

Speaker Obasa who said this while speaking to newsmen recently in his office observed that since the State is constrained by law not to regulate the influx of people, it will do everything possible to make its population growth an asset rather than a liability.

“You cannot stop anyone coming into the State from any part of the country provided they are Nigerians” the Speaker said, adding “people come into the State everyday which in turn affects the social amenities available”.

You cannot lament what you cannot change, he said; but that what you can do in the circumstances is to plan to accommodate this population growth in a visionary manner that enhances economic development.

He said that the plan for a 24-Hour economy for the State is one of many initiatives intended to maximize the benefits of a fast growing population, adding that “tourism is already witnessing a 24-hour boost in pubs, clubs and malls”.

Speaker Obasa said that in anticipation of this the State Assembly is working towards the enactment of more and more novel legislation necessary to guarantee the security of life and property.

Already he said the Assembly has enacted a law causing the establishment of a Neighborhood Safety Corps and that plans are also afoot locally to generate and distribute electricity.

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