National Assembly 12 Points Threat Demand As Legislative Rascality And A Desecration Of The Legislature

Just yesterday Tuesday 5th June 2018 at about noon, it was widely reported in the media that a joint session of both houses of the National Assembly was holding, for reasons which one expected to be of urgent national importance, but alas, when the meeting ended and the public was availed of the resolution, the National Assembly as expected behaved true to type by issuing a 12 points demand threat to the executive, failure which it threatened to impeach Mr. President.
Going down memory lane since the inauguration of this 8th national assembly, one would have been shocked and disappointed if the joint session of both houses in their resolution had taken the path of constitutionalism, responsibility, honour, civility and respect for public sensibilities which unfortunately is not in their character.
The 12 points threat demands of the joint session of the National Assembly is ludicrous, pedestrian, petty, irresponsible, irresponsive, self serving, reckless, provocative, crude, ignorant, desecration of the institution of law making and legislative rascality which is reprehensible and condemnable in its entirety.

In other clime, the business of law making is serious business which bestows responsibility, honour and dignity on members of the legislature who are expected to exemplify such qualities in comment and conduct at all times, but unfortunately the reverse is the case in our country going by the conduct of members of our 8th national assembly who continue to debase the honour and integrity associated with parliamentarianism.

Looking at the list of the threat demands from both houses of parliament, one is left wondering, disturbed and traumatized at how the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly has become a cinema hall for comedy show by theatre actors and actresses but who are unfortunately legislators representing constituencies in the federal republic of Nigeria, what a shame.
However, we must give a big kudos to distinguished and honourable members of both houses of parliament who have taken the dignified path of distancing themselves from the path of infamy that the legislature was being driven, to serve the personal agenda of some members who are under the scrutiny of the law but are attempting to use the National Assembly as a tool of blackmail against being called to question but as usual, they have failed and will continue to fail.
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