Relationships Diary By Olajumoke Giwa

“I don’t need a man in my life! When i need kondo, i know how and where to get one. When i need a baby, i can always adopt or buy one at Oyingbo market. I don’t have to be Mrs somebody to make it in life. I am independent. I am a big girl. I am beautiful and rich. To hell with marriage…etc etc”

Dear Sisters,
Let us make hays while the sun is still shinning!!! Ile Obinrin kii pe su! Let’s stop living in self denial! Marriage is beautiful. Having someone to call yours is awesomely great. Companionship is heavenly. Someone to share ideas with, is marvelous. Building a home with ones family is divine. Raising kids is the best feeling any woman could have.

Stop saying bawo ni t’okunrin se je? You don’t have to marry a rich man. Start from somewhere with your man. If you’re in a position, carry him along. If he’s broke, help him if you have, don’t go doing what you will regret later. If he’s a divorcee or widower with baggages, accept him wholly and don’t try to come between him and his children. Build an empire with your man, if he’s the responsible one. I know some men are not worthy, but if we close our eyes for bad ones to pass, the good ones will follow suit. Be yourself in any relationship. Be classy and prayerful. Let him come first in any of your personal decision that may affect yout relationship. The head must not be the tail. Respect him to be respected, always remember that.

Babes, nothing compares to being with your own partner at old age! A lonely old woman, if care is not taken might be labelled a miserable old witch!

I don’t pray for anyone to live a lonely and miserable life, full of regret. I don’t pray any lady to remain single feeling Bosslady Olajumoke Giwa isn’t married too as to me, Solitude ends sooner than expected…?♥️?

Yes, not everyone will be married. Yes, some will be single parents which is an anathema. But, giving marriage a shot won’t hurt if you find someone you can live with.

May we find joy fulfilment and what we need in life! #Reignite®️

NB: If you must Copy, acknowledge Writer, else i’ll be so mad at anyone who steals this piece!

Olajumoke Giwa
October 2018

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