Ikeja Golf Club Captain’s Day: Men’s Competition Tees Off

The men’s competitions marking the Ikeja Golf Club Captain’s Day holds today at the club grounds located at the Ikeja Government Reservation Area (GRA) in Lagos. Today, golfers with Handicap 18 – 30 will be in action, while those with Handicap 0 – 17 will play tomorrow.

The men’s competitions are part of the week-long activities in celebration of the end of the tenure of Club captain, Mr. Bola Temowo, who was elected captain in March 2018. The celebration will climax with at which prizes will be presented.

The Ikeja Golf Club Captain’s Day kicked off on Monday with the Caddies and Staff competition and continued on Tuesday with the Professionals and the Veterans’ tourney. On Wednesday the ladies took the course, while a Special Kitty held yesterday.

Temowo, the outgoing captain thanked all members of the club for their support during his captaincy.

Speaking at the opening on Monday, he said: “The celebration of today is not just for me as the Captain but also in celebration of all committee members, whose teamwork and cooperation I have enjoyed throughout my tenure.  I want to appreciate all the time and hard work they invested in ensuring the smooth running and progress of our Club. I couldn’t have had a successful tenure without them. And for this I am grateful.”

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