Tanzanian City Plans To Publish Names Of Married Men To Protect Single Women

Dar-es-Salam, capital city of Tanzania is planning to publish names of married men in the city to protect its single women.

The Tanzanian Regional Commissioner for Dar-es-Salam, Paul Makonda, revealed this during an interview on Citizen TV.

According to him, there have been several complains from single women in the city who have been dated and jilted by married men.
Makonda stated further that names of married men in the city will be published in state owned website.

“Publishing names of married men on state owned website will allowed single women to check and find out if prospective suitor is married or not,” he said.

Makonda noted further that there are plans to invoke section of the country’s constitution which protects women to protect rights of women particularly single women in the city.


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