Excitement As Bridget Agba’s Jochlieu Apparel Holds Second Sales Basket

Fashion enthusiasts are once again in for a memorable moment and lifetime experience with a rare opportunity provided by one of the most sought-after fashion haven in the country, Jochlieu Apparel owned by the delectable Bridget Agba.

Come Sunday 24th, November 2019, the Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, on 67, Ajao Estate, Lagos will be witnessing influx of ‘fashion-preneurs’, fashionistas, vendors of all shades in the industry as the platform is set for the second edition of its annual Sales Basket.

The event which is poised to attract prominent individuals in the fashion industry has been repackaged with provisions for vendors to come show their exquisite fashion stuff recording an overwhelming result in sales and every buyer will be having opportunity to shop at an impressive rate.

The Sales Basket according to Bridget, "the avenue is designed with the intent to create newer forms of visibility for vendors as well as increasing brand awareness through more channels and wider online presence”.

Jochlieu International Apparel also disclosed that, the Sales Basket is not only meant for established designers but Start-ups, Shoe retailers, Hair extension merchandisers, Fabric Dealers, Accessories vendors and Caterers who are willing to exploit the huge opportunity

According to the delectable Bridget, "the Jochlieu brand focuses on styling today’s male and trending female according[y and also open up the industry by creating platform for players to cash-in on. Hence, the berth of the sales festival spiced up with great entertainment, food and drinks for participants.

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