Nigerian Army Court-martials Soldiers

A military court has been set up at the Maimalari Cantonment, in Maiduguri, to prosecute 130 soldiers for various offences.

Brig.-Gen. Abdul Ibrahim, the Acting GOC, while inaugurating the special court, said the affected soldiers allegedly committed

“acts of cowardice, desertion, un-soldierly behaviour and other forms of indiscipline”.

“This court does not have any special interest to serve rather than routine duties”, he explained.

“This goes to show that the principle of natural justice, equity and fairness, which are enabling pillars of this General Court Martial, will surely guide its conducts throughout,” he said.

“It is worrisome to observe the increasing cases of negligence, lackadaisical and cowardly attitudes of many of our personnel during Boko Haram Terrorists (BHTs) offensive actions across the theatre today.

“These unprofessional and disgraceful habits have led to the death of many of our gallant colleagues and these attitudes must not be allowed to continue, if we must retain our national pride.”

Also, the Judge Advocate of the Court, Captain Aminu Mairuwa, said anyone dissatisfied with the court’s decision can file an appeal at the Court of Appeal.

The gazellenewsrecalls recent court martials by the Nigerian including the probe, in September, of Maj.Gen. Hakeem Otiki, a major over alleged stolen N400 million by some soldiers under his command. Also, 14 soldiers were court-martialled, in June, for offences such as kidnapping and desertion.

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