With Regards To The Viral Chemical Peel Video

The supposedly chemical peel video that has gone viral in the last 2 days is regrettably not a true representation of the actual skin treatment process.

Houseofphreedah Bodycare Spa is well known for using solely organic products for their skin care treatments. A lot of beauticians in the skin care industry can also attest to this as many of them trained under the CEO of the spa, Princess Farida Sobowale.

Princess Farida is an expert in skin care and there are a lot of testimonials to her expertise especially in repairing damaged skin. She is not just a friend, but a dear sister to me, she has personally looked after my skin for years and has helped boost my confidence when it comes to my look. I do not put on make up but proudly show off my glowing skin which is a testament to the beauty enhancing benefits of her products.

Princess Farida has a passion for creating exceptional beauty products, coupled with her vast experience in the beauty/dermatology business, she has successfully created a vast array of beauty and skin products which has endeared her to her customers, some of who are influential people in the society. Her customers can now boast of having beautifully glowing soft skin devoid of any blemishes.

As stated earlier, all the products at Houseofphreeda are solely organic, they are not made with harsh chemicals neither are there any harmful products to be found in them. It is therefore highly unfortunate that the treatment in the viral video has been misconstrued as a harmful procedure which can lead to cancer. This is as far away from the truth as possible. The treatment uses purely organic products to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and does not remove the epidermis as claimed by uninformed people.

I would like to invite people to visit the spa and see how the treatment process is being done. They would realize that it is a safe procedure. The procedure which leaves you with a clearer blemish free skin and the proceeding skin care routines ensure that your skin glow always and you have a fabulously smooth skin for a long time.

Olajumoke Giwa
29th Media

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