Read Gruesome Details Of How Pregnant, Final Year LASU Student Was Murdered By Male Friend, His Mother, Cleric

A final year student of the Lagos State University (LASU) has been murdered and used for money-making ritual by her male friend and his mother.

The Gazelle News learnt that the victim was pregnant when she was butchered and her vital organs used to prepare native concoction for the mother of her supposed friend.

Favour Seun Daley Oladele, final year Theatre Arts student of LASU was lured into a hotel by somebody she called a friend, drugged and later taken to the house of a prophet where she was eventually murdered and had body dismembered.

Vital organs were taken from the corpse and the carcass dumped in an uncompleted well in the supposed Prophet’s compound.

The Gazelle News learnt that Favour had travelled to Ikoyi Ile in Ikire, headquarters of Irewole Local Government Area of Osun State.




On Sunday, 8 December, 2019, had came back from a church service and gisting with her parents when she received a call.

The 22 years old Favour had two missions that day: seeing a friend and going back to school to prepare for her final examinations; and she duly informed her parents of her itinerary for the day.

So when the call from Owolabi Adeeko, an ex-student of her school, LASU, she bid her parents good bye as she would be going back to school after netting the friend.

It was to be her last conversation with her parents and the last time they would see her alive.

Favour did met with the friend but it turned out to be a journey to death, a very gruesome death for that matter.




The Gazelle News learnt that Favour met Adeeko at an undisclosed location in the town.

She had met Adeeko two months earlier and they had struck up a friendship which she thought was a cordial one.

Owolabi met Favour at the unknown location and drove her in a Honda car to the Fortress Hotel in the town.

At the hotel, Favour met Mrs Adeeko, Owolabi’s mother, and with the older woman’s help, Owolabi succeeded in drugging his visitor.

In the evening under the cover of darkness, they drove her to the residence of Prophet Segun Phillips, a notorious ritualist in the town. They introduced Phillips to Favour as uncle.




By the time they got to Phillips’ house, the effect of the drug had eaten into Favour and she had become very tired which made their job very easy.

“We simply put her under a tree beside an uncompleted well we’ve dug for the purpose and killed her. I smashed her head with a pestle,” Owolabi narrated in his confessional statement to the police.

“After Owolabi smashed Favour’s head with a pestle, I used a sharp knife to cut her throat,” ‘Prophet’ Phillips narrated in his own confessional statement.

Continuing, the evil prophet said, “after killing her, I removed her heart and other vital parts of her body to cook native meal called Aseje for Mrs Adeeko to eat”.

In her confessional statement, Mrs Adeeko admitted eating the native concoction saying, “the prophet prepared the concoction and I ate it. It was meant to improve the fortunes of my family and bring us wealth”.

The family of the deceased acknowledged the excellent work of the investigating police officers but they are also not conformable with some shenanigans they suspected by senior police officers in Ikoyi Ile.

“Both Segun Phillips and Owolabi Adeeko have been boasting that they will soon be allowed to go home by the police because they are influential in the town. We want to call on well meaning Nigerians, particularly management of LASU and the Inspector General of Police to wade into this matter and ensure that justice prevailed and the culprits are made to face the full force of the law, ” the family said In a statement.

The Gazelle News


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