Solomon Ogba Fingered In $150,000 Scandal Rocking AFN + His Reaction


The Gazelle News has unraveled what might have been the major reason for the resignation of former board member of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Solomon Ogba’s resignation from the board.

Ogba, had on Tuesday, 3 December, 2019, quit the board citing interference from officials of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.

Ogba was later cited in Awka, Anambra state where the breakaway group led by ironically Shehu Gusau held its congress and quite surprisingly, he was named honourary president of the group.

However, The Gazelle News has dug dipper into the reason Ogba, an erstwhile resigned his membership of AFN and teamed up with Gusau, with whom he hitherto had a no love lost relationship with.

The Gazelle News’ investigation has uncovered that Ogba resigned to ensure that the skeleton in his cupboard is not exposed.

This medium learnt that the former AFN boss hurriedly threw in the towel when he learnt that the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development is investigating the whereabouts of the US$150,000 AFN collected as grant from the World Athletics to organize the 21st African Athletics Championships which took place in Asaba in August, 2018.

Sources told The Gazelle News that the moment the Ministry commenced probe into the missing money, Ogba announced his membership citing reasons that seemed somehow ridiculous.

“Why is it now that he talking about ministry interference? For a long time, this has always been complaints from sports association, so why is it now that Ogba is raising this as reason for his resignation? Sources told this medium.

Our sources added, “The $150,000 scared Ogba to resign his board membership and the thing is that the amount is even the tip of the iceberg. At this rate he will run out of the country when the anti-corruption agencies confront him with other discoveries.”

The Gazelle News learnt further that Ogba had to team up with Gusau because he felt he may be exposed by the embattled AFN president.

“The Ministry under the current dispensation is deemed to be asking too much probing questions and if more dirty linen will be dragged into the public now is a good time for Ogba to team up with Gusau. It is well known that the duo, with the connivance of others had held AFN by the jugular,” the source explained.

The Gazelle News’ investigation further revealed that $150,000.00 was withdrawn by one Amaechi Akawo and Solomon Ogba because the duo were signatories to the account of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the championships.

When this medium sought to get his own side of the story, he said that such money never entered the account of the AFN.

“Go and look into the account of the AFN whether such money was laid into it. It was not AFN’s money, hence no money like that was paid into the federation account,” he said.

Confirming the receipt of the said money, Ogba stated that it was the CAA which organized the championships which paid the money into the account of the LOC.

“The CAA organized the championships, set up the LOC and paid the grant into the LOC account. It was not AFN’s programme hence the money could not have been paid into its account,” he explained.

The issue of the missing money is still generating furore in the Athletics circle in the country and The Gazelle News learnt that the Ministry has vowed to get to the root of the matter and expose the culprits with a view to letting them face justice.

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