NLRC Ban Operation Of Unapproved Foreign Lotteries


The attention of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (the “Commission”) has been drawn to recent developments in the lottery sector and their impact on the business of lottery and the general public in Nigeria.

There has been an increase in reported cases of non-payment of winnings by lottery operators and investigations have revealed that the games in question are characterized, amongst others, by the following:

▪ The games are foreign to Nigeria

▪ Draws are not conducted within the jurisdiction of Nigeria

▪ The timing of the draws are varied and inconsistent

▪ The draws are not conducted in a transparent and credible manner

▪ Members of the public are not allowed to witness the draw process on occasion

▪ The foreign games are not approved by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The fundamental criteria for the business of lottery are the transparency and credibility of the draw process. Where they are absent, the games are compromised and provide opportunities for fraud. This breach of trust is detrimental to the playing public and the reputation of lottery business.

Consequently, to guarantee the integrity of the lottery business in Nigeria, the Commission being statutorily empowered by its enabling Act, hereby prohibits the operation, promotion,sale of tickets, and offer to the public of any and all unapproved foreign lottery. This is in consonance with the provisions of Section 33 of the National Lottery Act 2005 (as amended).

No lottery operator shall offer, sell or promote any foreign lottery within Nigeria effective from 15th January 2020.

Lottery operators must conduct all draws in-house for all games offered and allow interested members of the public access to draw venues to ensure transparency and integrity of the lottery process.

The general public is also by this Notice advised not to patronize lottery games conducted outside Nigeria.


Lanre Gbajabiamila


National Lottery Regulatory Commission


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