Exclusive: The Many Sins Of Para-powerlifting Federation Boss, Queen Uboh-Idris, Which Led To Her Suspension

•By Ademola Akanni, Abuja and Wale Joseph, Lagos
On Saturday, 8 February, 2020, The Gazelle broke the news of the suspension of the President of the Para-powerlifting Federation of Nigeria, Mrs Queen Uboh Idris. 

This medium also reported that the suspension order came during the emergency meeting of the executive council of the Federation. 
Not only this, The Gazelle also reported that a five man disciplinary panel was set up to probe the activities of the suspended federation president. 
The Gazelle can  report that the suspension was the climax of the activities of Queen Uboh Idris which if not controlled and nipped in the bud, would not only disrupt the activities of the Federation but would also negatively affects the performance of the Federation’s athletes in this year Summer Olympics. Suffice to add that, powerlifting is Nigeria’s biggest medal prospects at the Olympics. 
The Gazelle’s investigations into the activities of the Federation revealed that Queen had actually turned herself into thin God as the head of the Federation ruling it with what an athelete described as military fiat. 
This medium investigations revealed that Queen had become a law unto herself: taking unilateral decisions without recourse to other members of the exco and displaying high level of insubordination and high handedness. 

The Code that provides framework for the Federation, The Gazelle discovered, provided for the various positions to with: President, Vice President and other members of the Executive Board in Arts 4.1; 4.2; 4.3; 4.4; 4.5; and 4.6, with powers and functions of the Federation.

This medium learnt that Mrs. Queen Uboh Idris has developed penchant for contravening the provisions of the Code as it relates to exercise of the functions bestowed on her by the Code.

When her high handedness did not stopped,  the concerned/other Ex-Board Member wrote series of letters to the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development complaining of her behaviour. 

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare, tried albeit in vain to make her work in harmony with the board members. He called a meeting on Monday, 29 November, 2019, but Queen did not bulge. She continued with her infractions and was once alleged to have walked out of the board members telling them she had a flight to catch to Lagos. 

At the last Para Powerlifting World Cup in Abuja, Queen displayed her insubordination to the highest level. The Gazelle discovered that she engaged the services of a consultant to bid for the competition without the knowledge and approval of the board members.

She refused to work with the Presidential Implementation Committee set up by the Ministry.

The Gazelle also discovered that Queen in her usual attitude refused, failed and neglected to give details of the processes for the hosting of the tournament including finances that have been contributed by individuals, private organizations and her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Aisha Buhari.

During the competition proper, Queen bared her fangs further by presenting a different team to represent Nigeria apart from the one camped and trained by the Ministry. It was an attempt to disgrace and embarrass Nigeria but the intervention of the Sports Minister saved the day. 

The Gazelle further investigation revealed that Queen also took away the overall Winners’ Trophy won by the Nigerian team and has not return it since. This culminated in the team captain, Lucy Ejike, appealing to the Sports Minister to prevail on her to return the trophy last week. 

Further investigations by this medium revealed that Oboh-Idris has been acting on the back of tacit support by ex-Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalong to perpetrate all her illegalities.

“After Dalong left, she aligned with a director I the ministry to continue her insubordination,” a source told The Gazelle

Further investigation revealed that she has been using her personal e-mail account as official correspondence for the Federation. When the former Technical Director of the Federation, Are Feyisetan challenged her, she had him removed and also relieved him of his post as the head coach.

The Gazelle learnt that her relationship with the former Minister gave her the leeway to get away with many atrocities.

She has also been accused of misappropriating funds raised for World Championships using different accounts not known to the Ministry and Federation to receive funds which were not accounted for.

Some of the Para Powerlifting athletes who spoke to The Gazelle expressed disappointment with the way the issue is being handled.
One of the athlete who does not want his name mention stated the excesses of the President started from when she becomes the president in February, 2018 using her closeness to then sports Minister to get away with anything she does, while the top sports ministry director uses the opportunity to deal with those she did not like or have scores to settle, The Gazelle learnt.

Thus, on Saturday,  1 February, 2020, concerned Executive Board Members officially wrote to the Queen detailing the various infractions and giving her three days within which to respond to the said allegations or the provisions of the Code in Arts 5.1 and 5.3 will be invoked.

Consequently, Sunday Odior moved the motion for a Disciplinary Committee to be constituted in line with Art. 5.3, (ii) Code to investigate the allegations. The Committee should be mandated to report to the Executive Board within seven days.

She was subsequently suspended by board at its emergency exco meeting on Saturday, 8 February, 2020. 
The Paralympics gold medalist concluded that the current president should not be allowed to come back and also that she be prosecuted to serve as a lesson to others.
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