Kami-J Sunday Inspirational Talk: Take Action (Part 1)

•By Motunrayo Williams-Johnson
Since the beginning of this year, i have been sharing with my esteemed readers about planning; prerequisite to success which i have been able to deal with extensively. It is not good enough to plan but it very crucial to take action.
Definition of ‘Take Action’: to do something, to act in order to get a particular result. It also mean to implement, effect, exploit or carry out an assignment.
2020 is a strategic year, it marks the beginning of a new decade and a new era. It is an opportunity to start something new as we journey this decade, you must not only dream or plan, but take ACTION.
Actions can only transform dreams into reality according to Mr Olorunsheyi.
In order to make a decision, we need to take action. It is simple to carry out an action, yet most people never move from deciding to doing.
(1) Procrastination
(2) Fear of unknown
(3) Laziness
(4) Negative Pear group influence
(5) Lack of good example
(6) Lack of strong will
(7) Lack of incentive
In order for you to record maximum success in this era, you must plan and take action.
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