Femi Williams, Lagos PDP And Its Hump Mission By Lanre Ogunyemi

•Lanre Ogunyemi
Much as one should not dignify the immodest ignominy of the demoralized, demented, disoriented and moribund group which parades itself as the Lagos executive chapter of the PDP, a party which from the centre, for sixteen years, brought untold looting, woes and backwardness to Nigeria all of which have culminated in abject poverty in the land, I wish to say that they stirred the hornets’ nest when their customised ‘best Governor in Nigeria’ from Oyo state, (whom they said has rapidly transformed Oyo state within nine months) rather than quietly face his assignment of the reconciliation of their inept and epileptic chapter here in Lagos, chose to exceed his brief to  smack at Lagos APC.
In that wise, one who pulls down a bee yard must expect to be stung.
In their emptiness and shallow-mindedness, what level of preparedness have they exhibited to govern Lagos? What products and personalities have they put forward for governorship over the years? We have seen their bests at debates and elections.
Imagine the nature of people at their so called reconciliation meeting – George and Ibori etal  – what manner of men in Nigeria’s history.
In his crass desperation to impress his payer and Lagos PDP factional chairman on whose behalf he wrote, one  ill-bred Femi Williams made huge distortion of records and facts when in his state of utter confusion, he refers to Lanre Ogunyemi on one hand as “this Ijebu-Igbo born man” and in the same breath and piece again describes him as “an acclaimed Oto-Awori indigene by birth”.
Williams’ uninformed investigators did a shoddy job for their pay because it is worthy of note that one of the most loyal, consistent, committed, reliable and dependable politicians in Ojo Federal Constituency and Lagos State is what Lanre Ogunyemi is. He has never shifted camp or strayed away from the progressive fold and is a renowned trustee to the party and leadership. His integrity is remarkably exceptional.
Let Femi Williams and his employers not attempt cheap blackmail that is ineffectual because the APC leadership know their loyal and trusted hands. It therefore smacks of puerile foolishness for Williams to say “We are however not unaware of his fraternity with one of our PDP leaders in Ojo Local Government (name withheld)….”
Why withhold the name if he is sure of his fact?
Even when  PDP held sway at the national level from the Alliance for Democracy (AD)  days till it was sent packing, Lanre Ogunyemi never abandoned ship, not to talk of now that PDP is suffering confusion and disarray. it is therefore distorting to refer to him as a “bread and butter politician”.
There is no gainsaying the fact the APC and its leadership in Lagos State has absolute and implicit confidence in the unflagging and untainted political integrity and pedigree of Lanre Ogunyemi and nobody can wish that away.
 Lanre Ogunyemi has never lost any election since 1999 till date either in his polling unit or as a contender. He served for two terms as a vibrant member of the Lagos House of Assembly and declined to return for a third term but preferred a higher ticket.
Part of Femi Williams’ blackmail stunt is trying to draw ‘Baba Olugunde’ who we know as Chief Ologunde and whom he referred to as “former APC Chairman West” into his blackmail train.
Whereas Chief Ologunde is still the Vice Chairman for West Senatorial District, this uninformed brat and ignoramus claims Chief Ologunde “gave Seye Oladejo such a sensitive position”  ignorantly claiming
he imposed Lagos APC Publicity Secretary, Seye Oladejo on teeming members, as if he was sure of his reckless misinformation.
Femi Williams’ utter and incurable naivety also makes him propose Adekunle Olayinka as a better replacement for Seye Oladejo.
Rather than mend their cracks, hunt for resourceful and credible aspirants and strive to reposition their party, PDP Lagos leadership is busy dissipating its waning energy in pursuit of the impossible.
As it is presently, whether bitter or sour, the truth must be told that PDP does not parade competent and capable hands befitting to administer a complex, forward-looking and progressive state like Lagos. This ill-assorted gang, in its disharmony keeps recycling serial losers, thinking they can blackmail their way into power. Unfortunately for them, Lagosians are too enlightened and sophisticated for their prank.
A party that cannot put its house in order and depends on outsiders to do so for it and a party that has overtime found it difficult to honestly manage campaign funds and the cleavages amongst it certainly cannot be entrusted with the governance of a state like Lagos.
With the stock of clueless jesters it currently parades in its chapter, PDP’s quest to win Lagos will continue to be a mirage. Their fold is not imbued with people of admirable charisma.
The party is on a hump mission and its Nunc Dimittis is bound to be sung again in Lagos.
Lanre Ogunyemi is Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC), Lagos State chapter


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