Couple Name Their Twin Corona, Covid After Coronavirus Pandemic

An Indian couple have named their newly born twins after the Coronavirus pandemic.
The Gazelle reports that the twins were named Corona and Covid by their parents to remind them of the hardship they encountered in coming to the world.
They were born in Raipur in Chhattisgarh. The twins, a boy & a girl, were born on the intervening night of March 26-27 amid the nationwide lockdown.
When asked, the parents said the names will remind the twins about the hardships that they conquered during their birth as the nation fought together against a deadly pandemic.
“When the hospital staff also started calling the babies as Corona and Covid, we finally decided to name them after the pandemic,” a PTI report quoted the mother as saying. The parents said that they may change their names afterwards.
The couple said they wanted to make the day memorable as the twins were born under severe hardships at a time when the entire country is under a lockdown amid surging numbers of coronavirus cases.
As soon as the news of the twins being named corona and covid reached others, they bacame centre of attraction in the hospital. The mother and the new-born twins have been discharged from the hospital.

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