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Another Nollywood Director In Sexual Assault Scandal

 By Emmanuel Adigwe

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Lala Akindoju, has released another account of another victim that was sexually assaulted by Victor Okpala, a Nollywood director.

She stated this in a video that was shared on Instagram In a video shared via Instagram, the victim whose identity is being protected, narrated how she was raped by the director while they were on set shooting a movie in Igando area of Lagos state.

She said: “So I was rehearsing lines with one of my colleagues and one of his boys came to call me. And I went up to the room, he told me to sit down. He was on the bed with his laptop in his hands and he asked how far I wanted to go in the industry. I told him ‘very far’. I have big dreams.

“He said ‘But you know you have to work very hard for that. You know you won’t get that on a platter of gold. You have to sacrifice something to get something’. ‘What do you mean sir?’ Were the exact words I said. He said ‘You are an adult right’? I told him, ‘Sir I don’t understand what you are saying but if I am getting the picture right, you are talking about sexual activity…”
The director promised her roles in all his movies and he also promised her popularity if she agrees to his proposals while he forcefully took advantage of her.

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