I Deserve Death, Let Police Waste Me, I’ve Nothing To Offer Society, Notorious Serial Rapist, Robber Pleads


By Nurudeen Yisa, Lagos

A notorious serial rapist and armed robber, Adeniyi Ajayi a.k.a. Ogologo, has pleaded with the police to kill him because he has nothing to offer the society, reports The Gazelle
Ajayi, 27, was paraded on Thursday, 2 July, 2020 by the Lagos State Police Command for various cases of rape and armed robbery.
The Gazelle reports further that Ajayi was an ex-convict who go back to crime whenever he was released from prison.

But he had pleaded with the police not to return him to prison.
“Well, I deserve death. Let the police waste me because I have nothing to offer the society,” Ajayi said.
On Thursday, about ten ladies including six married women identified Ajayi as the man who raped them.
One of the ladies, a lawyer, wept uncontrollably as Ogologo confessed that he was a one- man squad.
The female lawyer who described her husband as a coward, said she wanted to put up a fight with the beast, but her husband pleaded with her to cooperate with Ogologo.
Another lady was gasping for breath as she narrated how the beast raped her and her underage daughter in front of her husband.
Ogologo narrated how he single handedly carried out his operations: “I did the operation alone. Each time I succeeded in entering victim’s houses, I would pretend as if we were many. I would called like four names, dishing out false orders that they should be on alert and shoot anyone who would resist us.
“You know that people are cowards who fear to die; with ordinary touch light, I would intimidate a household and tie them one after the other. I would tie the man of the house and sleep with his wife and daughter. I used to laugh at some men who fear to die and won’t resist me while sleeping with their wives”.

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