Nigerians Roasts NDDC On Twitter As Commission Reveals It Spent N1.5b As COVID-19 Palliative


Emmanuel Adigwe

Nigerians on Twitter have expressed their anger and disappointment as the Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC),Kemebradikumo Pondei,  stated that the commission spent N1.5 billion for staff as ‘COVID-19 relief funds’.

Pondei made this revelation during an investigative hearing in the National Assembly concerning the N40 billion corruption allegation against the commission.
He stated that that part of the fund was for the Niger Delta youths.
Pondei said: “The youth were given palliatives to help cushion the effect of the pandemic on the people. The youth were idle and to avoid violence, they were paid.
“Five million for youths and five million for women and five million for people living with disabilities in each senatorial district.
‘The remaining fund was spent on staff of the commission.
“We used it to take care of ourselves. We are NDDC, we need to take care of ourselves too.”
The statement of the Acting managing Director has erupted disappointment in the micro-blogging platform as Nigerians expressed their indignation. Here are some of the tweets.
Akiim Reid Ado @ReidAkiim wrote: “1.5b sounds like 15k to this man, na wa o.”
[email protected] wrote: “A palliative is meant to alleviate someone’s suffering. Covid 19 palliative is meant for people who have lost income. How would NDDC justify collecting full salaries yet pay themselves billions as “palliatives”. That is essentially a Covid 19 bonus and not palliative. Smh.”
IMoLE OmOLuAbi of NaZaReTh🍥@ItsOmoluabi wrote: “N1.5B for palliative so many kids out they in the street without food to eat… Oga which thunder do you prefer South Korea atomic bomb or Biafra Amadioha Which way NIGERIA????”
Babatunde Oyeyemi™@baboyed1000 wrote: “Everybody is a thief. Such a huge amount as palliative? Everybody needs to visit the isolation centres so that we can have a share of the palliatives. Nigeria is not balance at all.”
Abdul-Aziz Na’ibi ☔@jrnaib2 wrote: “If I become president I will be spending N10 million on haircut weakly 😂.”
[email protected] wrote: “This government is the warehouse of corruption….”
@SethBundle007 wrote: “No problema… Kindly provide the break down of the spendings, that will suffice for now. 1.5BILLION!!! Is that a toilet role to clean #Covid19?!!! Development no Apabio Hah!!!”
Jiggy man Famzy😎@FAMADEVICTOR wrote: “I hate this country. Somebody get me out. This pandemic could have waited till 2022😭😭😭. I’m surrounded by animals fam.”
[email protected] wrote: “Meanwhile @NDDCOnline students have been abandoned without school fees or maintenance funds since 2019 and some 2018.”
Philip Agi @Philslaw1 wrote: “When David Cameron said ‘we are fanatically corrupt’ we screamed.”
[email protected] wrote: “You guys ate 1.5b while the masses got only sms. Thunder will fire all of u to ur 10th generation.”

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