Nigerian Boxer Rushed To Hospital In Coma After Crushing Defeat In Russia 





A British boxer of Nigerian descent, Umar Sadiq has been rushed to the hospital after suffering a devastating defeat to former WBA champion, Fyodor Chudinov in Russia.

The 32-year-old started coughing out blood after his loss in the 12th round through a technical knockout and required an oxygen mask to survive near Moscow.

According to The Mirror quoting Russian publication TASS, the super-middleweight boxer needed immediate medical assistance before getting to the hospital.

Umar was hospitalized,” a source said, adding that the boxer began to “cough up blood” in the process. However, no additional information on his medical condition was disclosed afterward.

Sadiq kissed the canvass just 40 seconds into the final round of the WBA gold belt fight, and that was his second defeat in a 12-fight career so far.

The 32-year-old recorded six knockouts in 10 professional victories and has been preparing for the British title shot against Lerrone Richards.

He was said to have consented to the fight at very short notice and gave a very good account of himself before succumbing in the last round.

The publication quoted Martin Theobald from New Age Boxing saying: “Sadiq looked shattered at end of that 11th and Chudinov knew it. But that was immense from Umar. Showed he can be at that level.”

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