Exclusive: Lagos Govt Fingered As Police Withdraws Approval For Jandor’s Birthday Celebration At Police College


Lagos State Government has been fingered as the brain behind sudden withdrawal of approval the police had earlier granted Lagos phillanthropist, AbdulAzeez Olajide Adediran a.k.a. Jandor to hold his birthday party at Police College, Ikeja, reports The Gazelle News.com.
This medium learnt that Jandor, brain behind Lagos4Lagos Initiative and Lead Visioner of Team Jandor as well as Grand Patron of Ibile-Eko Forum, has gone through all legal channels to secure the approval from the police to use the Police College playing ground for his birthday celebration which comes up on Wednesday, 25 November, 2020. Suffice to add that approval had been granted by the police authorities.
“We’ve paid all the necessary dues and gone through the necessary due processes. We’ve gotten the approval, so naturally we were surprised when on Monday, 23 November, 2020 barely 48 hours to the event, after every machinery has been put in place for a successful outing, the police withdrew the approval earlier given,” a member of Ibile-Eko Forum told this medium.
The Gazelle News.com’s investigation revealed that the police might have acted and withdrew the earlier given approval due to pressure mounted on it by the state government.
The reason for this, The Gazelle News.com learnt, might not be unconnected with the declaration of Jandor to run for the Governorship seat of the state in 2023.
The State Government, this medium learnt, viewed Jandor as a major rival and allowing him hold such big event which had the potential of a political rally, would erode its support in the state.
Earlier in the year, three people working in the state civil service at the grassroots level but leading the Ibile-Eko Forum activities were suspended from work by Otto-Awori and Olorunda LCDAs allegedly on the order of the state government. Ibile-Eko is an organisation sympathetic to the aspiration of Jandor and he is the group’s Grand Patron.
The three officers have since resigned their appointment with the state government and took up another employment with Jandor.
The latest occurrence is viewed as another attempt at intimidating the young aspirant by observers many of whom have described the state government as being intolerant.

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