Lagos East Bye-election: Dubious Opinion Poll Can’t Stop Our Candidate From Winning – Lagos APC; Read Full Statement Here


Our attention has been drawn to the the nightmarish forecast of an out of character victory by a faceless and nameless opinion poll organizers of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) victory in the rescheduled Lagos East Senatorial District bye election.
The fact that they couldn’t name the poll organizers can best be described as the stuff of fiction and hallucination typical of an opposition party that is fast going into extinction.
However, we’re not taken aback by the sudden last minute blabbing in response to its campaign that has gone largely comatose in the past few days.
The fact that the background, credentials and integrity of their candidate has been subjected to public scrutiny would naturally elicit face saving measures.
However, it remains bad manners to award yourself marks in a contest that is still days ahead.
Our candidate, Tokunbo Abiru, remains the candidate to beat. He represents a refreshing breath of politics with a difference. Lagos East deserves a Senator with an  impeccable character, unquestionable credentials and a rare combination of private and public sector experience.
While we acknowledge the incredible diligence of Gbadamosi in the social media, he will do well to note for future escapades that elections are won by reaching out to the real people in the home steads , market places, community leaders, youth organizations etc
As we count down to the by-elections on saturday, we in the APC , remain implicitly confident of victory while we await the traditional lamentation by PDP thereafter.
Seye Oladejo
Lagos APC Spokesman.

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