Sex Scandal Hits Nigerian Embassy In Germany, Security Staff Suspended


By Dare Ojelade
The Nigerian Embassy in Germany is currently facing a serious sexual assault scandal which has led to the suspension of a security staff, reports The Gazelle
This medium learnt that the suspended security staff (names withheld) was accused of demanding for favours, which allegedly include sexual demands, in return for official service.
A statement issued by the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, stated that the staff, name (withheld), was suspended following the allegation of a circulated material on social media that suggested the official was demanding favors in return for official services.
The Nigerian Ambassador in Germany, Yusuf Tuggar said that the embassy have zero-tolerance for any kind of abuse, vowing to get to the root of the matter.
According to him, the Embassy would not condone any act of official misconduct and abuse of office particularly relating to sexual misconduct.
Ambassador Tuggar said, “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of office and especially of sexual misconduct. Our full resources are being deployed to investigate a very serious incident and any other abuses that this inquiry may reveal.
“The investigation is taking place with all the urgency and diligence that this very serious situation demands. When due process is complete, any guilty party can expect to face the full weight of the law. Our heartfelt sympathies are with any innocent victims of abuse”.
Additional reports from Vanguard

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