Sex Talk With Auntie Ayo: Bed Action! 


By Mariam Motunrayo Williams-Johnson
Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.
Bed action is worth doing well otherwise don’t bother venturing into a “fuck” time.
To some, bed action is an exciting time where all problems are forgotten, while it’s the peak of happiness to many. It’s a time for lovers during sexual time on bed.
(1) Communication: You are expected to communicate your feelings. If he/she is getting it right, appreciate him/her in order to get more dose of it.
(2) Moaning: It’s a remarkable scenario during sexual intercourse and it’s mainly a woman’s affair to be enjoyed by the man, especially if he is a good fucker. This is an aspect of communication during sex but it is more than talking. It could be singing, rapping, rhyming, etc., depending on the level of the man’s performance.
(3) Skills are expected to be displayed because it’s a form of exercise. Sexual dexterity is needed to enjoy “fuck”. Your whole body is needed, and this is refered to as the wholistic sexual performance. Use your head down to your toe in order to get it right.
(4) Good “fuck” requires two good “fuckers” who are determined to be committed to their sexual lives. You need to be determined and focused to achieve good sex end, otherwise it will be like an African Santacruz flown to meet the real one in America, and at the end, ego issue will set in, especially on the part of a man who could not “fuck” well, yet claiming you did not wide your legs.
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