What Did Buhari Know About 20-10-2020 Lekki Shooting


By Tolu Adebayo

The #EndSARS protest was going to get the attention of the world since it got the interest of major world professionals, ranging from musicians to Priests, Princes to Princesses, Celebrities and Deliveries.

Why we know the those whom we know, either tag as celebrities or concerned Nigeria youth, they are humans who has purpose and see the need for change, they also have resources. They may be Nigerian or lovers of Africa nations.

The twist was the deliveries. I tag them so because they are those who get paid to say or render services. They have no vision or value for life, they only care about the cash. They influence, audience and congregation as the name applies.

Some of them supported the Nigerian youth openly at first but letter have a brilliant reason to back off. Others among the deliveries went ahead to say there is nothing memorable about 20-10-2020 in relation to Lekki protesters.

Why we may not be able to tell the truth but we know that the Nigerian government has the capacity to expose the wrongs and deal with them and that is why they are tagged government.

The government of Nigeria has enormous security board to investigate and respond responsibly, they also have the relationship needed to ask for help.

Why majority of my friends are saying the present administration is doing thier I want to recommend the following with the hope to get to the heart of the matter in no short time.

Proper investigation that will reassure the truth the citizens bestowed upon them should be encouraged.

The agitation of the young Nigerians should be addressed with actions. If at all, anyone is using them, the government can hijacked this interesting stories by lighting up the whole matter in an honest manner with actions, reaction and attention.

There is no better time for General Muhammad Buhari to rehearse the change he promised. Nigeria is bleeding, lawlessness is high, what do you think Buhari did not know?

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