#COVID-19: Abiru Announces Relief Packages For Constituents


The Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District in the Senate, Mukhail Adetokunbo Abiru, has announced plans to gift Covid-19 relief packages to many who have been affected by the ravaging virus.
The Senator, who made the announcement during a meeting with local government, and ward chairmen on Saturday, 23 January, 2021 noted that the support packages are necessary as the coronavirus pandemic has made the economy unbearable for many.
The Senator explained that each of the 98 wards in Ikorodu is to come up with 10 names of vulnerable people, adding that the vulnerable people should only include: people with special needs, the aged, widows, widowers and unemployed youths.
“Each ward of the 98 should come up with a comprehensive list of 10 people, these should only include; people with special needs, the aged, widowed people and the unemployed youths.
“I’m not going to dictate or be responsible for selecting these people, as it will be the duty of each ward chairman. Also, they are expected to submit their name, phone number, bank account number and name, and their local government area.
“The plan is that we give them N5000 every other month, once the names have been collated, we will work with the bank to credit everyone automatically. And I can assure you all that the month of January will not be omitted, though may come late.” Abiru said.
The Senator also disclosed plans to support local government chairmen, honorables, Islamic clerics and CAN with Covid-19 relief packages across each local government areas.
He also explained that while the category A of vulnerable people will be paid in January, the category B of local government chairmen, honorable, Islamic clerics will be paid in February, and is to continue respectively.
“We will alternate the payment, the category A of the vulnerable people will be paid in January, and the category B will be paid in February, and then category A is to be paid in March again, and the sequence will be on like that respectively.” the senator said.

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