Lies From Pits Of Hell, Prince Idris Balogun Reacts To Widow’s Land-grabbing Accusation + Court Ruling On Disputed Land 

In a viral online video, a 75-year-old woman, Mrs. Kehinde Agbetomije, and her daughter, Olayemi Osunusi has been peddling some unsubstantiated falsehood against the royal family of Isheri Kingdom.
As the royal family of Isheri-Olofin Kingdom, it is expected to have a root and heritage which cannot be divulged from land issues and disputes.
In the purported video, Kehinde accused the royal family of seizing a parcel of land belonging to her late husband. She claimed they were preparing to build a house on it before her husband passed away.
Logic compels sanity to balance information and it is, therefore, necessary to hear from the side of the royal family whose name has been dragged into this issue.
The land in question is at No. 4, Adetayo Street, Freedom Gate B/Stop, Ikotun, and is part of a vast portion of land that belongs to Isheri-Olofin people as confirmed by Honorable Justice L. B. Lawal-Akapo in his judgment of 15th May, 2012 at the High Court of Lagos State in Lagos Judicial Division at Court No. 44, Commercial Division, Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) Complex, Lagos.
The case with suit No. ID/488/80 which lasted for 41 years was between the paramount ruler of Isheri-Olofin Kingdom, Oba Wahabi Ayinde Balogun, the father to Prince Idris Balogun, (for himself and on behalf of Isheri-Olofin people and Ishau Olorunfunmi and others as defendants).
Ironically, late Mr. Jide Agbetomije was one of those who bought plots of land from some trespassers and judgment debtors. And that particular plot of land which Mrs. Kehinde Agbetomije, her daughter, Mrs. Olayemi Osunusi, and Punch Online are using to tarnish the image of Prince Idris Balogun is part of the six plots of land which was allocated to one of Isheri-Olofin family who incidentally lived abroad for years and decided to stay action on construction work on his property due to the court case.
Subsequently, upon the judgment by Honourable Justice L. B. Lawal – Akapo, which was announced on radio stations and published in national dailies for public awareness, the owner of the 6 plots of land took out the vast portion of land possession of his property which already had a structure built by trespassers and judgment debtors on five (5) plots out of the six (6) plots of land that belonged to him excluding the 1 plot which Mrs. Kehinde Agbetomije is laying claims to, as her late husband’s land.
Apparently, Prince Idris Balogun whose name was echoed and attached to the land dispute by Mrs. Kehinde Agbetomije is not, in any way, involved in the ongoing construction work on the land in question, although, he tried to assist Mrs. Kehinde Agbetomije and her family who visited him at his hotel for intervention, they never returned for feedback and instead they have resorted to blackmail on Punch online.
It is a well-known fact that Prince Idris Balogun is the Prince of Isheri-Olofin Kingdom. He has his own personal business as a hotelier and he is also into real estate and properties with good track records.
It is amazing how Mrs. Kehinde Agbetomije and her daughter could condemn judicial pronouncement by a competent judge and court of law by saying the judgment is a sham.
Thus, the publication by Punch Online dated February 19, 2021, that went viral, is a clear violation and breach of professional ethics of journalism and blackmail of the prince as a land grabber without carrying out a proper investigation and balance reportage.
Herein is a copy of the signed judgment in Suit No. ID/488/80 as delivered by Honourable J. L. B. Lawal-Akapo for the perusal of the public who might have been misled by PUNCH Metro Online.
Some fellows who want to interfere with the advancement and ambition of the Prince are at work. Mrs. Agbetomije and her daughter have been sponsored to tamper with the image of Prince Idris, otherwise, it remains a mystery how he was singlehandedly fingered in a royal family as the mastermind of the land seizure.
On the side of her daughter, Olayemi claimed to be educated but failed to allow her exposure guide her in pursuing her rights legally. Since she was sure that the documents presented by those who seized their land were not genuine, she should have approached the court of law for confirmation. You do not employ violence against someone who is treading on the side of the law.
Finally, Prince Idris Balogun clarifies that the issue on the ground concerns Oba Wahabi Ayinde Balogun and the entire Isheri-Olofin Kingdom, and should not be tagged to him as an individual.

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