Eid-Adha: NIPOST Boss Adewusi Asks Nigerians To Pray For Peace, Stability


The Postmaster General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Postal Services, Dr. Ismail Adebayo Adewusi has asked Muslims to use the occasion of the Eid-Adha to pray to God for peace and stability in the country.
Adewusi, in his message to Nigerians on the occasion of the annual festival, said the fear of God, obedience to Him and faith are some of the virtues that have departed the society leading to many of the societal complications.
He said the annual feast offers Nigerians a good opportunity to rededicate themselves to the ways of the Lord and work towards unity and stability of the country.
He said in a statement, “This occasion is another opportunity for us to rededicate ourselves to Allah and seek His guidance and directions. We should all join hands to pray for this country’s stability, unity and progress. Nigeria is a beautiful country to live in if only we can harness our resources and be united in realizing our potential.”
Adding that the country possesses enormous God-given resources to be an economic giant globally, Adewusi, an Economist, said now that corruption is being tackled by the Muhammadu Buhari administration, Nigerians should be more confident of economic prosperity.
He said, “Nigeria has all its takes to be a powerful country in the world with all that God has endowed us with. We are all aware what damage corruption had done to us as a people in the decades past. However, now that there is a conscious effort to stamp out corruption by the present administration, we should all be optimistic that the future is no longer bleak but bright.”
Adewusi congratulated Muslims in Oyo State in particular and Nigeria in general just as he prayed for progress, peace and economic prosperity.
He reminded Muslims of the essence and significance of the annual feast which are all rooted in fear of God, obedience, commitment to promises and faith.

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