Manufacturers Condemn DISCOs Proposed Cancellation of Eligibility Consumers Status


Manufacturers Association of Nigeria MAN, says the proposed abrogation of Eligibility Consumer Scheme regulation by the Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in Nigeria is scandalous, counterproductive and an action that makes the government look insincere in its ease of doing business.

The Director General of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Mr. Segun Ajayi Kadiri, mni, stated this during an interview with journalists on Wednesday.

The MAN DG noted that manufacturing sector is currently facing myriad of challenges that are very difficult to be surmounted which are partly caused by global and environmental reasons.

Ajayi Kadiri urged government to have a rethink into its numerous campaign promises of planning to lift people from poverty, therefore, as this move will be counter-productive especially when you have industries that have invested far more than what these DISCOs have contributed to the economy.

“The total number of people working in DISCOs all-put-together are not up to the total number of the people working in KAMWIRE Industries. DISCOs are only out to make cheap monies from the Nigerian populace especially from Manufacturers. You will agree with me that all our members that are able to access this scheme are doing very well in their investments process and are able to provide more employments to the masses.

“The process cancellation is therefore unreasonable and unacceptable and surprisingly, they are seeking the support of another government agencies. It is going to result into downsizing of industries, high cost of inputs and increase in cost of goods in the society especially at this critical moment when disposable income of an average Nigerian is dwindled.”

The MAN boss further stressed that, “DISCOs have always been frustrating manufacturers that is why not more than five of our members are benefiting from the scheme at the moment. Power has continued to be the major factor in the industrialisation process of nay nation.

“I shall be grossly disappointed if this later comes to be true, God forbid that the information is true. It will also affect our long waiting plans for the AfCTA which will make us to be at a very disadvantaged angle, if the cost of power supply is high. That means everything will be difficult. We cannot go into competition with other African Countries under AfCTA with high cost profile.

“How sensible it is that you allow a group of people, whose investments all together are not up to investment of a single company in the manufacturing sector, to decide how they do their busi was?

“I hope this is not true because if it happens to be true, then, it must be reversed with immediate effect because we can subject our members to hardship”.he said.

Watch out for detailed interview of the MAN DG.

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