Ex-Head Of State, General Abdul Salami A. Abubakar, Dismisses News Linking Him To Arrested Helicopter 


Former Head of State, General Abdulsalami A. Abubakar, has describef as false and unfounded the fake news linking him to a purported arrested helicopter supplying food to bandits.
He said ordinarily, he would have ignored such spurious news but has to set the record straight.
General Abdulsalami A. Abubakar thus disassociated himself from what he described “a heinous crime that is unbecoming of any patriotic citizen.
“This kind of fake news has the potential of aggravating the already tense security  situation in the  country and should not be condoned”.
He lamented on how individuals can be so callous to peddle such news and smear the image and character of people.
He urged Nigerians to ignore such treacherous acts and to be careful with the kind of information they dish out and share on Social Media.
He further urged Nigerians to continue to work and pray for enduring peace in Nigeria.

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