ICPC Fugitive Is Not Buhari’s In-law, Presidency Reacts To Viral Story, Read Full Statement Here 


A running story to the effect that the ICPC has declared “an inlaw of the President” wanted in connection with fraud involving the large sum of money, US$65 million to be exact.
This should normaly be an affirmation  that our anti-corruption agencies/institutions are truly independent and allowed unfettered freedom by the President. Which infact is the case.
That a state institution can issue such is a measure of the administration’s commitment to accountability, equality and justice.
To set the records straight,  the person declared wanted  by the ICPC is not an inlaw to President Buhari.
While at some point in time the said fugitive from justice had been linked to a family member in marriage, that relationship has ended some years ago. It is therefore unfortunate to bring the President’s family into this case. It is in our view an attempt  to generate views and sell copies of sensational reporting.
The President’s position at all times is that the law be allowed to take its course. As is well known of him, President Muhammadu Buhari will not provide any cover for crime,  no matter who is involved.
Garba Shehu.

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