Please Don’t Bother To Call, Just Text, Actress Tells Colleagues, Fans As She Announces Her Marriage Break-up


A Nollywood actress, Motilola Adekunle, has announced the end of the road in her marriage to her husband.
She shared the information with her fans and said she’s a strong believer in the institution of marriage.
She also instructed her colleagues and fans not to call on the phone as she would only be responding to text messages.
Motilola said she decided to share it with her fans because she wanted to be transparent and avoid rumors being circulated by people.
She said they have come to a conclusion that both she and her husband are going to do better if they live separately.
She said their marriage just couldn’t work out and this is the major reason why they needed to separate.
She said it’s the best decision for her and her husband even though they are not angry at each other.
The actress said they had given birth to two wonderful children, and she demanded that their decision and separation should be respected.
She said their marriage had always been private and she expected that they would be able to take care of their children as they separate.
She asked for more prayers from her fans and also begged that nobody should call her on the phone because she would only be responding to text messages.
She claimed that she wouldn’t be picking up phone calls because the issue is a very sensitive matter.

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