Strange Confession Of Popular Actress: I’ve Slept With 300 Men, All Of Them In Trouble Because I’m Possessed By Spirits + Photos 


A popular Ghanaian actress identified as Yehu Deborah has shocked many with her revelation on live TV. The 27-years-old actress was interviewed in Boga TV and she decided to speak her mind out. Yehu claimed that she started having sex at the age of 15 and to her it was okay.
She claimed that nothing seemed strange until it reached a point point where spirits possessed her. Yehu revealed that spirits tormented her and at some point, she could do a lot of stuffs without noticing.
As reported by Campus Filla today, Deborah is spiritually attached to 300 men.
She said that the guys know themselves and they should prepare for anything. The young girl claimed that those men will not get married. She scared even the host after revealing that everybody who has been attached to her will be affected. Yehu did not reveal how and many people were left scared.
Have a look at Yehu’s photos:
(Source, Broadcast Ghana)

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