2015 Elections: Group Urges Nigerians To Take A Stand

L-R:  Mr Bolaji Shenjobi, Member, Take A Stand, Mr Adebola Odu-Onikosi, Co-ordinator, Take A Stand, Mrs Adesola Agboola, Member, Take A Stand, and Mr Olawumi Alajiki, Member, during a press conference on the state of the nation organised by the group in Lagos, Tuesday.

The need for better participation by Nigerians in shaping the future of the country has been emphasised.

This was thrust of a statement released by a group of young Nigerian professionals from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The group, Take A Stand in a statement said it is time for Nigerians to take a stand against governments that take the citizens for granted regardless of party affiliation at the local, state and national level.

The group stated that Nigerians must remember that “if we continue to do what we have always done, which is complain and do nothing, our future would look exactly like our past with poor leadership, missed opportunities and wasted potentials”.

Worried about the high level corruption and impunity in the country, Take A Stand believed that citizens will have to play a major role by ensuring that they come out and vote for those they believe will take the country out of her present woes and return Nigeria to a path of greatness and economic recovery.

According to the group, “Nigerians of all works of life and social strata need to realize that we each matter, and can and should have a say on how leaders lead us. Remaining silent and indifferent is as bad as the mismanagement as we are being forced to accept in the name of leadership. We are empowered, and should Take A Stand now’!

Take A Stand assured not to rest on its oars until “Nigeria of our dreams is realised”.

Against that background, the group said it plans a self-supported mass mobilization campaign, where Nigerians of various social and economic strata will be further enlightened on the merits of taking part in the selection of leaders for the country.

Various mediums of engagement are being planned in a bid to ensuring that every Nigerian of voting age is reached. “We must say no to impunity, parochial & ethnic interests, corruption and stealing,” the group said.

It stated further that, “as a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-religious group, we owe it a duty to contribute our quota to the development of our dear nation. Nigeria belongs to all of us and we should join hands in making it a great country”.

The group however frowned at the current social practice where elected officials use their offices to oppress rather than serve the poor masses that elected them into such offices. “Our leaders should serve and not oppress us,” the group said.

While commenting on the allegations of vote buying, Take A Stand admonished followers not to be gullible and reject people who try to buy their vote.

Finally, the group urged Nigerians to stop talking about potentials but start living in the present the right way to actualize our dream of a new Nigeria.

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