2015 Elections: Vote For Credible Candidates- Ahmadiyya 

The  head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Nigeria Elder Council – Majlis Ansarullah, Alhaji Mikhail Odukoya , has urged Nigerian electorate to vote for credible candidates in the 2015 general elections across the country.

He gave this advice at the 40 annual consultative meeting – shoora of the Majlis Ansarullah of the ahmadiyya Muslim jamaat held at the national headquarters of the organisation in Ojokoro, Lagos.

Alhaji Odukoya, a retired public servant in the Ogun state civil service said this call became imperative against the backdrop of election of incompetent people into public office over the years and apparent complaint from Nigerians that political leaders are not performing to expectations in their responsibilities to the citizens.

In his words “we  should exercise our voting rights wisely at the next general election, so that the right people would be voted into power. We should not concentrate on the executive posts only: President, State Governors and Chairmen of Local Governments, but also the legislative posts either at local, state or national levels, since their activities also affect our lives, either positively or negatively.”

He noted further that ,”every election is an opportunity for citizens to exercise their franchise. Thus, at every election we look forward to electing representatives who will conduct the affairs of the state on our behalf to further the process of nation building. Sometimes we replace those in power, at other times, we ask them to continue – supposedly to continue the good works they are doing.

The head of the Elders’ Group of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Nigeria expressed regret that peoples do not usually benefit from the regular general elections to make positive changes.  While blaming politicians for the country’s woes because they are in the driver’s seat, he stated that blame should also go to those who put incompetent drivers to drive the nation’s development, once they have collected  a paltry price or for cups of rice.

He equally urged youths not to make themselves available for thuggery or any violent act as political leaders would find a save haven to settle their political differences sooner or later . “Our youths should also be advised not to involve themselves in any riotous/thuggery acts during the period. They should remember that those who are sending them such deadly assignments also have children who are either schooling somewhere, mostly outside the country, or enjoying the best of life while their fathers are busy  buying guns and cutlasses for you as ‘festival’ gifts.  A word is enough for a wise,” he counselled

He called for constant and fervent prayers to God Almighty to guide  political leaders leaders aright at all levels of government,protect everyone throughout the election processes and avert any form of chaos or shedding of blood before, during and after the elections.

The Sadr used the opportunity to call politicians  who are members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat to critically examine their roles in various political parties  and contribute positively to the growth of a virile political organisation willing and ready to give the dividends of democracy to nigeria  because they will be made to account for misdeeds by Allah sooner or later.

During the Shoora programme, lecturers presented papers on topical issues. Germane to the growth of nigeria and spiritual development of the Muslims across board. This year’s Shoora was held because the Ijtema – annual conference could not hold as scheduled despite all preparations, due to the threat of Ebola virus disease at that time.

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