26 Years Old LASU Alumnus Emerges Youngest PhD Graduate At University Of Pretoria

A 26-year-old graduate of the Lagos Stata University named Romola Adeola has made history by becoming the youngest person to obtain a Doctor of Laws degree (LLD) from The Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria. Romola Adeola

Romola is the second person to achieve this feat since the establishment of the University 107 years ago. She is also recognised for completing the LLD in under 3 years. Romola’s academic success goes way back to her University years, graduating as the Best Student in International Law from LASU.

Romola also carried out some humanitarian work during her time in University of Pretoria. She led the Disability Rights Clinic and served as Alumni Coordinator. She also led the campaign calling for the release of prominent Swazi human rights activist, Thulani Maseko, and raised funding to support his family. She also holds two diplomas from the Åbo Akademi University.

Romola credited to her supportive parents, personal discipline and prayer for her success.

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