Woman Forces Teenage Son To Drink Own Sperm After Catching Him Masturbating, Faces 114-yr Jail Term + Photos 

A 44 year old woman is in trouble with security agents after she angrily forced her son to drink his sperm becuase she caught him masturbating while watching a homosexual film.
The woman angrily ordered her son to cum in his palm and drink sperm.
The boy had to call the police to report his mother and the woman was subsquently picked up by the police.
The Alabama woman has thus been accused of multiple child neglect by the police and now face a total of 114 years in prison if found guilty.
On Sunday, at about 9pm, 911 operators received a distress call by the teenager who described his mother as having forced him to ingest his own sperm.
Dolly Callahan, 44, allegedly became furious after she found her son masturbating to homosexual pornographic material.
“She ordered me to cum into my hand and then lick every drop of it,” the 14-year-old told 911 operators, crying.
Sheriff Ken Cloverfield said the woman told officers that she had punished her son so that he would understand that the choice of being gay comes with “heavy consequences” and “God’s disapproval.”
“She said that if I chose to be gay, I’d better get used to the taste of schlong juice,” the 14-year-old also told 911 operators.
Dolly Callahan was “highly intoxicated” after inhaling butane gas and lying on the floor when police arrived, according to the affidavit.
The Department of Child Services was called to the Callahan home and the child was released into family members’ custody.
Dolly Callahan was arrested on multiple preliminary charges of child neglect and could face up to a maximum of 114 years in jail if convicted.

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