Actress/Singer Gives Poetry Details Of Her Encounter With Okada During Pregnancy

•By Bose Olubo
Somebody shout Halleluyah
Fellow Lagosians, clap for Sanwo Olu
Paa pa pa pa pa
Iku ojiji ko ni wole wa
A ko ni di alaabo ara
All this prayer session is mainly because of the ban o
Okada gberu E
Ko maa lo
Stop taking the lives of my people
Stop breaking the bones of our relations
No more fall and exhaust burn for our school children
Okada almost killed me and my unborn child
I do not take Okada, I do not like it and also I always have a car before Okada came
I was beside my car waiting for my sales girl when this Okada tried to overtake a truck by the right side, I guess the truck was also turning right, he struck the Okada and the Okada knocked me down and was on top of me for what seems like for ever and I was 5 months pregnant
I was bleeding
Thank God I did not fall on my head
I spent 2 weeks in the hospital thanking God
The ban of Okada was long overdue
I knew it
I knew they were only buying time
Any individual or a set of people that lack discipline are not qualify to be incharge of human life for a journey of five minute not even when I see Okada ‘helping’ a lawyer from ikorodu to Ajah and got him killed
Alot of us are guilty of it, atimes we push them beyond limit, offering them additional amount for the journey, most of them are actually greedy anyway
Okada should remain on inner road if they will ever exist
A fine young Aluminum Expert in Ketu died unexpectedly while crossing the road, Okada took one way and knocked him down, the man did not survive it after several week at “KioKio” the local “Gbobi”
Olalekan died instantly Isawo road, Agric, Ikorodu
Iya Wunmi died on Third Mainland Bridge on new year eve without fulfilling the responsibly of cooking and caring for her kids on new year day
Teacher Martin’s both legs are gone because he need to get to apapa on time
Nkechi has been on wheel chair for 8 years now all because of Okada
If Sanwo Olu has not ban them in your area better call the Alausa Strong man to “banish” them instead of jumping for joy
I knew we cope before GSM
We were here before Okada, so i need not wonder how we will cope without Okada
Maruwa’ s case, I pity them, they are  better than Okada but….

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