Ahmadiyya Devices New Ways To Keep Faith During Ramadan Despite Covid-19 

Mahmood Rafiq, head of external relations for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK (AMCUK), added that they were working hard to ensure followers stayed motivated and active over Ramadan.
“Life seems to become difficult when you aren’t feeling busy,” Rafiq told Eastern Eye. “There can be days when you forget if it is a weekday or a weekend and it can become blurred. So where possible, we are really trying to keep our members busy.”
During Ramadan, AMCUK’s radio station, Voice of Islam, has made plans to increase programmes related to prayer or spirituality. It has also set up a YouTube channel, where people can listen to spiritual lessons conducted by imams. In addition, they are using WhatsApp to share pre-recorded verses.
“For some reason, a lot of members have picked up a lot of information through WhatsApp so we are doing small, condensed material for that platform during Ramadan,” Rafiq explained. “We know people use all kinds of mediums, so we are trying to cater for everyone as we know some won’t always use television or radio.”

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