Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Group Set To End Gender Based Violence


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Women group  under the aegis of Lajna Imailla, Women Servants of Allah  has set out modalities to end Gender Based Violence (GBV) within and outside the Muslim community, through advocacy, enlightenment campaigns and other action plans.
These  modalities were contained in a communique issued at the end of a two day virtual workshop held recently in Lagos with a theme  ‘Building Integrity and Other Ethical Values in our Homes’.
The   Muslim women group observed that the  topic is apt considering the high level of moral decadence prevalent in  the society, which  has already rearing its ugly head within  the  Muslim community.
The unfortunate trend, it was agreed, should be nipped in the bud as  Muslims must remain a guiding light for others to follow
According to the communique ,it was noticed that both men and women are victims of Gender Based Violence, but the frequency is higher with regards to women. The group therefore said the  victims  are  encouraged to speak out and get the needed help and counselling. This is necessary for their physical, mental, and emotional health and to avoiding  slipping into depression which could lead to suicidal thoughts.
The workshop advised members of the Jamaat to refrain from being enablers of domestic violence and stop preaching only patience to victims.  Noting that nowhere in the Holy Quran or hadith was permission given to men to maltreat  their wives. If anything, Islam repeatedly admonishes men to treat women with dignity.
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women  also emphasized that female genital mutilation should be condemned as it is  inimical to the health of the girl  child. It advised the  Muslim community  to have a legal team within the Marriage and Counselling Unit, the  Rishtanata office  to handle GBV cases.
In order to increase advocacy and enlightenment among members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, it was agreed that  similar workshop on  Gender Bases Violence,GBV   should be organized  for the Youth  – the Majlis khudam and the Elderly group- the Ansarullah. This was also recommended for all Muslim groups across the country.
On building integrity and other ethical values in  homes, the workshop advised every woman to be good role models for children as they  learn more from what they do than what they say. It was agreed that family values should be articulated and reiterated frequently in  Jumat services ,Friday lectures.
For children to imbibe ethical values, parents must make out time to explain and show the benefits inherent in upholding those values. Every home should establish a good reward and punishment system. There must be commensurate consequences for every action, be it good or bad, the group noted.
The  workshop reminded members that the Covid-19 pandemic was not over yet. Everyone is  advised to adhere to all relevant safety guidelines, act on medically-verifiable information, and take the vaccines wherever it is available.
Participants at the workshop, were drawn from  across Nigeria and the diaspora led by Alhaja Fausat Sanni from UK Pan African  Ahmadis Muslims Association , PAAMA,Dr. Mardhia Funmilayo  Dayisi from the US and host of others.

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