Akume Blasts Confab Delegates: You’ve No Electoral Value

The Senate Minority Leader, Senator George Akume has said that 90 percent of delegates at the ongoing National Conference lacks electoral value, even as he lambasted the delegates for proposing part-time legislature for Nigeria.

Delegates at the National conference had on Wednesday, 4th June, 2014, approved the recommendation of the Confab’s Committee on Public Service for a part-time legislative system in the country at both the state and federal levels as a way of reducing cost of governance in terms of jumbo salaries and other mouth watering emoluments elected legislators across the country are getting under the present arrangement.

But Akume  in  his reaction to the National Confab position said part-time legislature is not and can never be the answer to executive impunity and corruption in the country which are largely responsible for high cost of governance in Nigeria over the years.

He said that he was not surprised that such a proposal was coming from people that are not elected but hand picked by an individual for national assignment and in fact having no electoral value in the first place, to stand for and win any election, let alone understanding and appreciating what constituted elected offices especially the legislative seats stand for in the governance of the country under democratic template.

His words: “I do not believe as wrongly proposed by the unelected delegates at the National Confab that part-time legislature would help in appreciable terms, in the reduction of cost  of governance in Nigeria, since it cannot serve in anyway as antidote to executive impunity and corruption that had over the years been the cause of high cost of governance in the land.

“I’m not and I believe other lawmakers are not surprised that such a proposal came from the National Confab peopled by hand picked delegates who are by their actions, proving to have been put together, for rubbishing and embarrassing the National Assembly peopled by elected representatives of Nigerians.

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