Al-azhar International School Graduates 2015/2016 Students In Grand Style

By Jumu’ah Abiodun

One of Nigeria’s coeducational Islamic secondary school located in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, celebrated its 2015/2016 graduation ceremony in a grand style with a lively inter-religious symposium, celebration of the school achievements and Quranic graduation programme.

According to a statement from the proprietor of the school, Dr Yakeen Habeeb, a retired Banker and Deputy Leader (Naib Amir North) Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, This year graduation ceremony is unique as the school focus on an inter religious dialogue between a Muslim and Christian to further understand the regions beliefs, aspirations and goals for mankind. This accordingly will further strengthened  mutual coexistence of adherents of Islam and Christianity, the most dominant religions in Nigeria.

Similarly, the graduation event celebrates the completion of the Holy Quran by the Students of the school called “Aaminul -Quran in the school promises to underscore the uniqueness of the school as a foremost leading Islamic coeducational center of learning combining secular and Islamic education in a most conducive and stimulating environment, North-Central of Nigeria.

The grand ceremony also features pre graduation launch talk with the proprietor of the school Dr Yakeen Habeeb, an accomplished Banker, economist of note and Administrator per excelling honour of graduating senior secondary SS3 Students.

This come on the heels of showcasing and celebrating the Success of the first head body of the school, Shakirudeen Habeeb. The essence was to inspire the graduating Students to greater heights in thier future endeavours.

Novelty football match and Islamic social events were put together to galvanise the fitness of the Students and teachers and invigorate the spirit of sportmanship within and outside the school.

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