All APC Presidential Aspirants ’ll Get Fair Chance – Fashola

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) has said all aspirants for Presidency under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) will be given fair chance to contest the position.

Fashola spoke yesterday at the Lagos House in Ikeja when students of Royal College of Defence Studies in the United Kingdom (UK), led by Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren, visited him.

He said: “There is nothing unusual in the emergence of the presidential candidate of the APC. It will be an open activity and a high level of accountability. I believe everyone who has aspiration will be given fair chance to express and ventilate that aspiration, subject to the rule of politics that we are all aware of. That is votes, persuasion, lobbying and others. “Nothing unusual will happen. There will not be anything behind the closet.”

The governor noted that the insecurity in the land was a threat to national life.

He was, however, optimistic that the country would overcome the challenge.

Fashola said: “It is not only to electoral process; it is even to human existence and business activities. I believe we will be done with this in short time, specifically in a way that it will not impede the ability and desire of Nigerians to make a choice at the next election.

“Every election brings up the contest of ideas and opportunities to make the choice, either to keep the incumbent government or to elect another party to govern the country. I do not think that it will be different in Nigeria next year.”

On the need for human capital development in the country, the governor stressed that the most important resource any nation can have is its people.

He said: “Our oil and gas as resources today are only seasonal resources. Until the late 1950s, no one was talking about the oil. We were all concerned about agriculture and agro-products. It is important to pay attention to the strategic resource that provides the sizeable portion of our income and revenue till date.

“I think we should pay attention to the people in the way they utilise the resources. That will be the basis for real diversification: to educate, strengthen them in terms of health care and life expectancy; to provide skills for them by way of education, it is only those skills that can form the basis and the totality of the understanding that the resources are not an end.

“It is only a means to a larger end. There are local issues in terms of securing the oil assets and platform, but they only go back, to my view, as demonstrative of the reactions to lack of education and the lack of skills to earn a living in a competitive and more productive way.

“But the message is out there. We have experienced the boom cyrcle. It will not be like this forever. The proceed that comes from the Oil and Gas sector today must be put to use in terms of providing infrastructure that will help improve the standard of living in the country.”

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